5 SEO Strategies that are Outdated and Should No Longer Be a Part of Your SEO Strategy

As a business, you need to understand that old-fashioned or outdated SEO strategy is not only ineffective but it can actually hurt your rankings. Knowing which strategies are current and which ones are hard is always daunting because Google, as the leading search engine keeps on changing their algorithms almost on a regular basis making hard for web owners to keep up with the trends. Unless you are a specialist in SEO or have expertise as a content marketing professional, you may find it extremely difficult to keep up with the changes. This piece highlights some of the outdated SEO strategies which if included in your SEO strategy can hurt your web page ranking.

  • Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is not only a bad SEO strategy but it is a crime in the eyes of Google and it attracts a penalty. If you want your website removed from search engines, stuffing your content, titles or meta descriptions will help you with that. In as much as there is nothing set regarding your keyword density you need to regulate how you use your keyword in order to deliver keyword stuffing.

  • Link stuffing

Including more links to your content to help improve your ranking is something that is considered today as obsolete. According to Search Metrics, the number of backlinks you have is the 3rd most determining factor when it comes to page ranking. This however does not mean including more backlinks unnecessarily. Ever since Google introduced the Penguin algorithm update, the quality of the backlinks you have is what is important compared to the quantity.

  • Writing short content

Today Google is giving special consideration to websites with longer content when compared to short content. The days where one would churn tons of content and spend some considerable amount of time ranking then are long gone. According to a study by Moz, a good number of pages ranking on the first page have more than 2,000 words of content.

  • Listing a number of meta keywords

Keywords are normally added in order to tell your competition exactly what your keywords are without necessarily having to plug your URL into the Keyword Planner. That is normally the main purpose of keyword. Therefore, stuffing your meta keywords is considered unnecessary and an offence by Google as it is seen as cheating your way to improving your rankings.

  • Spammy guest blogging

Content still remains as king therefore no one should really cease from creating original, informative and quality content to make available on blog sites. However, you need to be very selective about your guest blogging efforts. Choose carefully the blog site to want to link to because not all sites are genuine. You want to try as much as possible to avoid blog sites that are blatantly all about the creation of backlinks. You need to also consider uploading your content to blog sites that are only relevant.