A Beginner’s Guide to Growing and Caring for Philodendron Serpens

Seeking a stunning and lower-maintenance houseplant? Check out Philodendron Serpens! This vegetation is not difficult to look after and can thrive in a variety of surroundings. With this guideline, we are going to explore all that you should learn about growing and taking care of Philodendron Serpens. We are going to deal with anything from growing to watering to fertilizing. So if you’re searching for a beautiful addition to your property or workplace, make sure to give Philodendron Serpens a test!


Philodendron Serpens could be grown within both garden soil and h2o. If placing in dirt, ensure that you make use of a well-emptying potting mix and set the grow in indirect gentle. Water on a regular basis, making certain the earth is moistened however, not saturated. To increase your Philodendron Serpens in water, location cuttings or little plant life in a vase full of distilled or purified h2o. Modify the water every 2-3 days to avoid harmful bacteria buildup.

Irrigating, Fertilizing

With regards to irrigating, make sure the most notable inches in the dirt before incorporating any additional moisture. Your Philo Serpens will not be relaxing in drinking water, as this may lead to root decay. Work with a well-balanced fluid fertilizer every 1-2 a few months through the spring and summer. Thin down the fertilizer according to bundle directions. Finally, Philodendron Serpens is not going to call for pruning or repotting typically. Even so, if your herb is starting to become overcrowded or leggy, clip back extended stalks and repot in to a slightly bigger box by using a clean potting mix.

Temperature and Moisture

Philodendron Serpens will not be picky in relation to temp, when it continues to be within the plethora of 60-85 levels Fahrenheit. This plant wants higher amounts of humidity. Consider setting them inside a bathroom or near a humidifier to hold the environment moist. You may want to mist your herb with h2o every week to increase dampness ranges.

Total, Philodendron Serpens is a beautiful and reduced-upkeep addition to any indoor space. With proper care, your herb continue to prosper and carry life to your property or place of work. Pleased horticulture!