Ethicon Echelon Flex Medical Stapler Lawsuit Attorneys

Sufferers who got gastric bypass surgical treatment have submitted lawsuits versus the companies that made the staples utilized in their surgeries, alleging these particular organizations created and sold malfunctioning products that failed to maintain the suture outlines sealed.

Many of these tummy staples were actually recalled a year ago due to these disorders. Belly standard-collection failures can be potentially deadly, fundamentally enabling the materials in the patient’s belly to advance into the digestive tract, resulting in a number of medical problems.

During the trial run, Ethicon lawsuit staples that the staples experienced grow to be undone because of medical error, and therefore the product experienced did the trick as promoted. The jury noticed in a different way, as the gastric bypass specialists had not a way to accurately establish abdomen tissue size in order to always opt for the appropriate standard printer cartridge. Essentially, instead of automatically coming to the correct setting, the abdomen staples reportedly been unsuccessful as a result of being unable to last the belly tissue.

Other defective abdomen staple legal cases have reported a number of severe adverse reactions who have happened from claimed product malfunction such as:


Dehiscence (splitting up of regions which can be stitched or stapled together)

Anastomotic loss



Leaks from standard collections




Loss of life