How to Lube a Skateboard Bearing with Oil

If you wish your skateboard to work effortlessly, it is important to make your skateboard bearing lube. This helps lessen rubbing and put on which will help prevent corrosion. The right oil will likely protect your bearings from debris and dirt. Read on for more information on maintaining your skateboard bearings lubricated and working well.

Why You Should Lubricate Your Skateboard Bearings:

Skateboard bearings are made from aluminum, and like several metallic pieces, they need to be moisturized to reduce friction and use. Lubrication can also help stop corrosion. Additionally, the right kind of oil can protect your bearings from dirt and debris. Learn how to clear skateboard bearings.

What type of Oil to Use on Skateboard Bearings:

There are a variety of skin oils which can be used on skateboard bearings. It is essential is picking an oil made for metallic bearings. Additionally, you need to choose an oil with great lubricating qualities and resistance to debris and trash. Some popular brand names incorporate Your bones Bearing Oil, Bronson Speed Co. Bearing Oil, and Self-sufficient Authentic Components Bearing Oil.

The Frequency Of Which to Oil Skateboard Bearings:

It really is generally recommended that you oil your skateboard bearings every few months. Even so, when you trip frequently or perhaps in dusty or dirty problems, you may have to oil them more regularly. Also, if you see your bearings are starting to really feel dried out or gritty, it is actually time and energy to oil them.

How you can Clear Skateboard Bearings:

To clean your bearings, start with taking out the rims from your skateboard. Up coming, utilize a bearing more clean or solvent to remove dirt, debris, or old oil through the bearings. After the bearings are cleansed, put in a few droplets of fresh oil to each one. Then, re-set up the wheels and ” spin ” those to spread the oil equally.


Your skateboard bearings are essential for easy functionality and long life. The correct oil will help minimize friction and wear, stop rusting, and keep your bearings thoroughly clean. Make sure to oil your bearings every couple of months, or higher frequently, in the event you trip frequently or perhaps in dirty circumstances.