Important things that you need to know about SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. It is simply the process in which the quality and the quantity of website traffic from a search engine. It can also be termed as the process of optimizing a site or a web page to improve the ranking in search engine’s search results. SEO is dated back to the 90s when search engines became into existence for the first time. SEO focuses on organic results and not paid results.
The aspects of SEO
Before getting started with the technicality of SEO, it will be very important to know the important aspects of SEO. Here are some of them
• The technical stuff
There is the technical aspect of SEO that an SEO expert needs to know about. This can also be referred to as the on-page SEO. Without proper technical SEO, there will be nothing much to be done to optimize your website.
• Content is king
Another key and very important aspect of SEO is content. Anyone can write content out there but the quality of content is what matters the most. When you are writing your content, always remember that search engines are now more focused on making sure that users get a great experience. Without great content, you will not live to enjoy high ranking
• Backlinks
Backlinks also play a very important role in SEO. This doesn’t mean that you go about buying links because that won’t work. To increase the authority of your page, you will be needing quality backlinks.
Steps to get you started with SEO
If you do not know where to start, you are advised by Bret Talley to consider the following steps
• Decide on your focus level
It will be very important to decide whether you will be focusing on your SEO broadly or narrowly.
• Organize your content well
• Optimize your titles