Letters from Santa

Positive, Virginia, there is available a Santa Claus. Plus the Postal Service™ can assist you verify it when Santa replies in your child’s letter to Santa — in depth together with the North Pole Postmark! The Letters from Santa software boosts the exhilaration of Getaway and is great for exciting teenagers in letter writing, stamps and penmanship.

Here’s how:

1.Hold the kid create a letter to Santa and put it in an envelope tackled to: letters from santa, North Pole.

2.Publish a personalised reaction to the child’s note and transmission it “From Santa.”

3.Location both terms into an envelope, and street address it on the little one.

4.Range from the profit take on: SANTA, NORTH POLE, around the envelope.

5.Make certain an initial-School Postal email stamp is affixed towards the envelope.

Be sure you share the ability on social media making use of #LettersFromSanta.


•To preserve pieces of paper, prepare on the back of your child’s discover. Should you continue to keep these jointly, your son or daughter can even be capable to recall precisely what the personal written.

•When reacting as Santa, make your response as individual since you can by emphasizing your child’s triumphs over the last one year. As an example, assisting in the home, getting really good ranges within a distinctive problem in class or engaged in local community support actions.

•This is indeed a fantastic exercise for Thanksgiving holiday getaway that the whole family can benefit from, including mother and dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and various other caregivers.