Navigating apartment security camera laws in Illinois


Security cameras have become an increasingly preferred safety measure for flat buildings, but have you any idea what the laws are concerning their use? If you’re an apartment operator surviving in Illinois that is contemplating putting in apartment security camera laws illinois, it is essential to comprehend the state’s regulations. Let’s check out what you should know.

The Illinois Gathered Statutes (720 ILCS 5/21-2) suggests that no man or woman shall “knowingly create a movie taking of some other man or woman without her or his permission while that other person is a home or house owned by the defendant and situated in this Express.” Because of this while surveillance cameras could be installed on private property, they cannot record any video clip video of folks without their specific authorization. Moreover, any online video tracks created should never infringe upon the security rights of the other people.

In most cases, landlords can mount surveillance cameras by themselves property if they adhere to certain rules. Initially, all renters has to be well informed prior to installation that video cameras are being used in the property along with their objective. Secondly, all tracks produced must only be useful for genuine organization purposes for example deterring criminal activity and safeguarding residence. And finally, all recordings needs to be kept securely and ruined after a set period of time has elapsed.


To sum it up, if you are a condo owner residing in Illinois who may be thinking of the installation of security cameras on the property there are actually certain restrictions you have to comply with. Make sure that all renters are informed well before installation and keep your tracks secure and eliminate them after a set up timeframe has gone by. Naturally, it’s always wise to check with lawful counsel prior to taking any action related to surveillance equipment installment or use in your house to make sure compliance with suitable legal guidelines.

Following these tips, landlords can guarantee that they continue to be compliant with the rules whilst still offering satisfaction by themselves along with their renters in terms of security digital camera use inside their apartments in Illinois.