Workplace Impairment Detection For Marijuana Use: How To Test Employees

Marijuana at the office? It’s a subject of hot debate currently as more and more states legalize marijuana for healing and leisure time use. Although employers are reticent to medicine checks for fear of burning off good employees, the fact is that staff who turn up to function higher can present a severe threat to themselves along with their colleagues. That’s why it’s important for employers to experience a Workplace Impairment Detection system into position as a result of marijuana use.

There are several different methods that employers could go about discovering workplace impairment as a result of marijuana use.

●The very first is through visual cues. If the employee’s eye are bloodshot or their pupils are dilated, that could be a signal that they’re beneath the impact. One more telltale sign is that if an employee seems unusually worn out or lethargic. Needless to say, these cues can be brought on by elements besides medicine use, so they should be regarded as in tandem with some other signals.

●The second way to detect workplace impairment is thru behavior modifications. If an personnel who is normally very punctual suddenly begins appearing delayed or phoning in unwell on a regular basis, which may be an indication of drug use. In the same way, if the worker who seems to be normally very successful suddenly starts off making more blunders or their top quality of work endures, that may be a sign of impairment.

●The third and closing strategy to identify workplace impairment as a result of marijuana use is by medication testing. Although many employers are loath to medication check their employees, it can be the best way to get conclusive proof of impairment. There are many various kinds of medication assessments which can be given, but the most frequent will be the pee check. This type of test can generally detect marijuana use throughout the final few days. Head of hair follicle checks are another choice, but they’re much less common and are typically significantly more costly.


Companies should take measures to make certain that their workers are not affected by marijuana although at work. There are many various ways to carry out this, including following graphic cues and alterations in behavior, along with administering drug assessments. Consuming these measures might help create a secure and productive workplace for everyone included.